New 2018 BMW 3 Series: High-Class Sedan with Significant Changes

Almost every person knows BMW brand, it is famous for its elegance and high-quality sedan vehicle. Now they try to give new formula and a new generation for their lineup vehicle. BMW now is preparing for their next collection. They revamp the whole spec to create a better vehicle. The company redesigns the BMW 3 Series into the new collection we called as 2018 BMW 3 Series. Are you curious about the change? How great will it be? Here some clue for you. 2018 BMW 3 Series release date redesign sedan changes rumors.

BMW 3 Series 2018 Powertrain, Concept, Price and Specs Interior View

2018 BMW 3 Series Exterior

There is a change for the exterior new BMW 3 Series. The change is significant and quite different from the previous one. The sure thing is this vehicle will use the lightweight material for it body frame. It will give better in handling and performance impact to fuel consumption too. The detail information is undetected but we hope to see something nice from this vehicle.

Nice and Comfort Interior Design

The design for it interior is somewhat nice to see. The layout absolutely brings comfort and safety nuance. The company of 2018 BMW 3 Series interior gives the interior with some feature. The features are likely the 360 degrees of visibility, high-resolution touch screen, satellite radio, HD radio, moon roof, dual climate control, 3D overlay navigation and much more. The company is guaranteed bring the safety driving enhance safety features. The company is surely known for its interior layout design with high quality so we will see some fine material on this cabin too. 2018 BMW 3 Series exterior and interior.

Powertrain of BMW 3 Series 2018

Based on the 2018 BMW 3 Series release, this high-class sedan will be no more high class no matter how advanced their feature if the performance is low. Therefore, the company will not do that for 2018 BMW 3 Series. The company tries to give better performance with the engine selection. Likely, the company wants to put 2.0 L 4 cylinders. This engine provides more than 240 hp. According to some issues, this engine will efficient rather than its predecessor. The BMW 320i engine will be 4 cylinder-turbocharged engines with 180 hp outcomes. The other series is 328i will get 2.0 L twin power turbo can afford 240 hp while 340i come up with V6 320 hp power outcome and the diesel will be more 180 hp outcomes. 2018 3 Series BMW engine specs.

2018 BMW 3 Series Date Release and Price

It must be enthusiastic when 2018 BMW 3 Series hit the market. This BMW series is predicted hit market around the end of the year. The price is representing it a great quality, which is start from $33,600. 2018 BMW 3 Series release date and price.

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