2018 Chevy Colorado: Perfect Truck Vehicle Concept

The truck vehicle is rarely people to pick. People pick this vehicle is because of some kind of necessity and some events. 2018 Chevy Colorado break that truck can go up as fancy as another vehicle on road even for daily. Yep, this redesign Chevy will launch soon as the 2018 collection. Another refinement project that comes into something counted as a rival come back. The company does count every aspect to provide a truck you can trust for your daily transportation. How the companies do their refinement jobs? Here is the answer for you. 2018 Chevy Colorado changes diesel redesign review rumors.

Chevrolet Colorado 2018 Features, Release Date, Specs and Performance Rear View

Better Version of the New Exterior

The heavy job when it comes to refinement or redesigns a car is whether this new version is better or not. People will compare the newest with its predecessor. It may bring the 2018 Chevy Colorado Colors. However, the company keeps their brave and redesigns this truck vehicle. Some source mentions implicitly this vehicle body dimension will be compact and not full sized truck style. Comparing with another truck vehicle lineup, this product is one with prominent style. It is successfully literate the modern truck design with leaving the old-fashioned body. The change is minor and kind of clueless but some rumors mention that it gets LED AND HID headlamp, an optional sunroof, the addition of LTZ trims and some new color hasn’t announced yet.

2018 Chevy Colorado Prominent Interior Concept

Well, as stated for truck definition head to this vehicle also have prominent for it inside. The previous interior redesign is very popular among the buyers. The cabin design strengthens its position, as a great truck should be. Looking at the predecessor cabin, the new one will less change. The cabin of this vehicle still gets vinyl upholstery, air conditioning, four ways power driver seats’, power windows, a rear view camera, 6 speakers audio system accompany with the 4,2-inch screen. The safety feature of this vehicle is somewhat similar and no enhanced one. Feature such as lane departure of warning front collision is available as an option. 2018 Chevy Colorado exterior and interior.

Expected 2018 Chevrolet Colorado Engine System

The detail information or the official one is unclear too, some expectation of the similar engine is laid under 2018 Chevy Colorado Diesel. The engine is 2.5L 4 cylinder can deliver 200 hp and 191 lb./ft. of torque for the basic ones. People also can choose 3,6 L V6 with 308 hp and 275 lb./ft. of torque, an enhanced engine on the 2017collections. It is also available 2.8L turbo diesel with 4 cylinder engine can provide 181 hp and 369 lb./ft. of torque. The vehicle engine is fitted with a 6-speed manual for the base model, 8 speeds automatic for the new V6 engine and 6 speeds automatic for the diesel ones. 2018 Colorado engine specs.

2018 Chevy Colorado Date Release and Prices

Looking at its success in 2017, the new 2018 Chevy Colorado will come with the nice price even it has slight enhancement. The price for this vehicle is around $20,995. It starts prices and up to $37,235 depending on trim, you choose. The date for this vehicle to release is around late of 2017. 2018 Chevy Colorado release date and price.

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