New Challenger, 2018 Dodge Avenger Will Defeat Any Terrain

The upcoming season is somewhat interesting for market share in the vehicle. Youngster probably will be the most excited about it. The “so youngster vibe” vehicle will be launched and sell on next season. The new Dodge is a brand that competes to get youngster vibe with their one of its vehicles. The 2018 Dodge Avenger will be their next collection to sell out. This vehicle has been revamped by the automaker to get the flavor. For more information about it changes, below you can get it in detail. 2018 Dodge Avenger redesign specs rumors changes.

2018 Dodge Avenger Features, Concept, Review and Release Date Side Photo

2018 Dodge Avenger Noticeable Dodge Exterior with Strong Look

Well, dodge avenger has been noticed before as its type. The previous is quite interesting but the automaker feels that it needs a new gen of dodge. The automaker redesigns some part of it to create a new design of this vehicle. Some mention that the new Dodge Avenger looks like Chrysler 200, dodge charge even Alfa Romeo. The first change can be seen on front-end part. It gets new grille design with a cross sign on its center. On this changes, we can notice that the automaker add some unique aspect of this new car design. The design of this new vehicle is designed with detail such as bumper and spoiler in the colored version. It is also completed with chrome exhaust pipe on the rear side. This vehicle is predicted will run on an 18-inch alloy wheel.

Interesting and Comfortable, What Interior Offers

The interior of new 2018 Dodge Avenger is also interesting to look at. Looking at the previous version, which is come into a good level of the interior, the new Dodge Avenger will level up its interior presence with some refinement it has. It is upgraded with fine material. Furthermore, the black seat and leather-wrapped steering wheel are affordable on this new version. An interesting feature for this vehicle is also available. It is such 6-loudspeaker, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity and other. The safety feature likely to put is a 360-degree camera, blind spot monitor, and touchscreen display in new sleek design and responsible, adaptive cruise control, ESP, traction handle and much more. 2018 Dodge Avenger exterior and interior.

Dodge Avenger 2018 Engine of New Dodge Avenger

There is no official statement about the real engine that will lay under it hood. Some prediction is available on this new vehicle. First, looking at the previous version is 3,6L V6 engine can provide 283 hp and 260 lb./ft., a rear wheel drive with the 8-speed automatic transmission system. The other assumption about the engine is available are 2,4 tiger shark 4 cylinders can provide around 184 hp and 175 lb./ft. of torque. There is also possible for 3,6 Pentastar V6 can provide 295 hp and 260 lb./ft. f torque. The engine probably will fit with the new 9-speed automatic transmission system. 2018 Avenger Dodge engine specs.

2018 Dodge Avenger Date Release and Price

The exact date for this vehicle is not available. The automaker has not given word toward it. Some expect 2018 Dodge Avenger will land on market around 2017 or at least early of 2018. Far more, the price is probably on $21,000 and $26,000. 2018 Dodge Avenger release date and price.

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