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2018 Ferrari F12 M: Amazing Sporty with Very Comfortable Cabin

Ferrari is an unstoppable brand when producing the vehicle. Even they will not let down their tension on market huge brand vehicle. It is proven with their newest product. The company likely launched soon their product namely 2018 Ferrari F12 M. The company brings something new for the F12 M vehicle. The company does the job to bring it back and put some secret weapon to attract car buyer. Well, let us look at this vehicle new face. 2018 Ferrari F12 M release date specs changes concept.

2018 Ferrari F12 M Performance, Review, Replacement and Spy Shots Side View

True Ferrari F12 M Exterior Redesign

True that Ferrari has its own DNA appearance for it line up the product. The special look as always Ferrari was done is work for their newest product for 2018 collection. The previous design of Ferrari F12 M is sporty enough to call therefore the newest version will be better sporty look. Now the company makes some refinement on the exterior and it sportier but also elegance. The front fascia is changed with new grille and bumper formula while the rear end is new taillight and diffuser. How is about the whole body? Of course, it is more styling because the spy shot does not reveal the body design.

2018 Ferrari F12 M Interior Look: Sporty and Comfy

The outside might get some quite much redesign, then how about the inside? The inside cabin of 2018 Ferrari F12 M probably similar to the previous version. To call it out, the previous cabin is still comfortable and sporty enough to pair with the outer looks. The similar thing is the company uses the fine material as it upholstery for the cabin. Furthermore, the entertainment section probably gets better than previous such as 10-inch touch screen. The steering wheel is smaller than previous but still catchable to drive. There is an issue too that this vehicle will get double cockpit architecture. 2018 Ferrari F12 M exterior and interior.

Ferrari F12 M 2018 Engine Specs

It is known that the engine for 2018 Ferrari F12 M is undoubted. The engine of this vehicle is 6.3 L V12 engine system. This engine can produce a great power. It offers around 690 hp and 514 lb/ft of torque. The similar engine is also applied into this new Ferrari. It can provide the power around 700 horsepower for the TDF model. Yeah, the TDF model is the one with race model style. Overall, the engine and power of this new Ferrari really provide great power for a new sporty car redesign. 2018 F12 M engine specs.

Date Release and Price of 2018 Ferrari F12 M

Of course, with DNA of Ferrari, 2018 Ferrari F12 M will find it home quickly when it officially launch in the market. The date release of this vehicle is announced. The company keeps the date as a mystery for it lover. The price tag for this vehicle is starting around $200,000. The rice is somewhat high but seeing the detail feature and brand that talk it quality this price tag is welcomed enough. 2018 Ferrari F12 M release date and price.

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