2018 Ford Raptor Mostly Known as Prominent Pickup Truck

When talking about the truck, we mostly know some prominent brand about the truck. Ford is one of those brands; some truck lineup from Ford can satisfy the hunger about the truck. Now, they have all ready to launch one of their truck lineups for the upcoming collection. This lineup is called with 2018 Ford Raptor, a truck that has come into a different stage with its refinement. Looking out what kind refinement is it. Here the information you can get through this passage. 2018 Ford Raptor specs release date changes model.

2018 Ford Raptor Truck, Performance, Overview and Pickup Exterior Photo

2018 Ford Raptor Truck Vehicle Exterior

Of course truck vehicle has identical design from the exterior with open storage behind the cabin. The exterior of the predecessor is quite confident with it vacant design and now they have come with some small refreshment on its exterior. The automaker decides to improve their chassis with a lightweight material such as aluminum and creating the low total amount of weight. Furthermore, the chassis will be one that durable and some expect to see Baja steel on the chassis. The vacant look is gained with front fascia; it is equipped with the large black chromed grille in some unique design. The stealing look also is provided by under grille items. It gets the massive bumper in the certain composition of larger air intake than the predecessor, LED light for fog light item. The LED is also suited for the headlight with a similar design of it. The last ones, this vehicle will ride on 18-inch wheel

New Truck Cabin Interior

The cabin of 2018 Ford Raptor, of course, will be interesting to look at. The new truck cabin from Ford, you will find an enjoyment riding a truck vehicle. The cabin of this vehicle is spacious enough so it is comfortable. To boost it up, the company provides each seat on this cabin with premium leather upholstery. Moreover, the feature inside the cabin will put some carbon, wood, and aluminum material adjustment. When it is not enough to guarantee the comfortable, the company, of course, provide high technology feature inside the vehicle. It is equipped with SAT –NAV infotainment system, large touchscreen display on the dashboard, navigation system, Bluetooth, rearview camera and many other features. 2018 Ford Raptor exterior and interior.

Under Ford Raptor 2018 Hood

Of course, as a truck vehicle like 2018 Ford Raptor, the performance of it vehicle is must be hit the good score too. Therefore the automaker decides to put the appropriate engine under its hood. Well, what is lay under this vehicle hood is 3,8 Eco Boost engine. This engine can provide 450 hp and 510 lb./ft. of torque. The system transmission is unnoticeable but some may expect to see 10-speed automatic transmission systems with manual shifting method. 2018 Raptor Ford engine specs.

2018 Ford Raptor Date Release and Price

Of course truck vehicle is bringing a good vibe with its style and design such as 2018 Ford Raptor. When looking the right truck, this vehicle can be placed on your list to buy. Therefore, save the date to look right into this vehicle in the showroom because it will hit around second half of this years with price $51,000. 2018 Ford Raptor release date and price.

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