Appearing in Sporty Sedan, This 2018 Hyundai Genesis Will Stand Out

This sedan is obviously answering all the problem of sedan lover. The 2018 Hyundai Genesis will come out completely different compared to the previous generation. The changes will be appearing he in both the exterior design and interior design as well. Then, you can also expect great engine specs for this good vehicle onwards. Now, let us we discover the vehicle! 2018 Hyundai Genesis sedan review specs release date.

2018 Hyundai Genesis Changes, Redesign, Powertrain and Features Front Photo

2018 Hyundai Genesis Sporty Outlook on the New Exterior

The new Genesis will go out with sporty looks thanks to hexagonal shape on the new grille design. To complete the sporty look, this Hyundai Genesis 2018 also will be more stylish and aggressive than before. We can see from afar that the vehicle look longer and wider. However, it still uses high materials to reduce the weight and improve the engine machine inside the hood. Moreover, beautiful butterfly look on the door also gives great contribution for the more attractive look on the vehicle. Well, in other words, it is just great!

New Genesis Appealing with High Material Inside

To make a top class look for the 2018 Hyundai Genesis Interior, they add high materials leather for the upholstery and seats. It added extra comfortable feeling once entered the cabin. It combined the comfortable and luxurious feels in one vehicle. Thus, on the front, you will found an LCD touchscreen display, which collaborates with security features and a parking assist. Furthermore, you can also easily find several newest technologies as for example high quality of speakers’ features that will give you great entertainment while driving. Well, we all talk about a Hyundai here, so it obvious that they will satisfy each of their buyers. 2018 Hyundai Genesis exterior and interior.

What Make the Engine Powerful?

We can expect better engine performance for the vehicle. Its lot more dependable compared previous 2016 and 2017 model. This time engine surely will solve almost all the problems that appear before. Yes, the new vehicle will have 3.8-liters of V6 engines and be able to produce 480 hp. The machine also combines with new HTRAC system that can optimize all-wheel systems. However, we still do not get the official information about other system specification. Hope that they will give us soon. Well, let us just wait. 2018 Genesis Hyundai engine specs.

2018 Hyundai Genesis Release Date and Price

Finally, the 2018 Hyundai Genesis will be able to enter the market in the middle of 2018 or maybe more than that. It is going to be a tough opponent for its lineups such as Benz C63 or BMW M4 since it also gives many great modifications and innovation changes. The new vehicle will be able to get the price around $30,500 for the lower prices. 2018 Hyundai Genesis release date and price.

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