2018 KIA Niro: Eco-Friendly Design Available with Electric System

KIA is one of the best cars in the world. New edition of KIA will be released that is 2018 KIA Niro. The technology used in this car is eco -friendly hybrid and electric vehicle. Design of this new car is very different from the last edition. The exterior design of this car is luxurious. Meanwhile, the interior design of this car is also adorable and attractive. Design of this car makes all passengers feel enjoy and comfort. 2018 KIA Niro release date hybrid review specs.

KIA Niro 2018 Features, MPG, Redesign and Changes Rear View

New Exterior Design of 2018 KIA Niro

Design of the KIA Niro is elegant. The body of the 2018 KIA Niro colors looks fabulous with shiny paint. The model of this car looks like a city car. However, style of the KIA Niro looks sporty. It is suitably used for man or woman. It uses 14” alloy wheels. The size of the alloy wheels is perfect for the size of KIA Niro as a city car. Front lamps are designed with simple style but it is elegant. Meanwhile, the back lamps look adorable in red and minimalist style. Rearview mirrors are designed with sign-lamps. It also can be closed automatic or manual. Windows are also can be closed and opened in automatic and manual.

Perfect Interior Design

Are you looking for the interior KIA Niro 2018? It is fabulous and modern. KIA Niro is designed with electric driving mode using the chargeable battery. This design makes this car is very eco-friendly. There are no tailpipe emissions in fully electric mode. There are three trim levels. Those are EX, EX premium, and LX. This car is also designed with Eco-Drive Assistance System (DAS). It helps you to maximize the MPG. The seat is designed with leather trim so that it makes the passengers feel comfortable. Beside it, there are also ventilated and heated front seats available. This car is also available with Kardon/ Harman Premium Sound System. It makes the sound of the radio is clear. 2018 KIA Niro exterior and interior.

KIA Niro 2018 Engine Power and Transmission

The 2018 KIA Niro specs are designed with hybrid utility vehicle combines between hybrid efficiency and functional utility. The powertrain of this car starts with 1.6 l GDI. It uses four cylinders with an electric motor. The hybrid powertrain produces 195 pound-feet of torque and 146 horsepower. The transmission used is six-speed dual – clutch transmission. 2018 Niro engine specs.

2018 KIA Niro Pricing and Release Date

The price of the 2018 KIA Niro starts at $23,000 for the base model. The higher model will cost around $40,000. It will be released in late 2017. If you are interested in this car, you must wait for the release date of this car. 2018 KIA Niro release date and price.

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