2018 Mercedes GLA: Fresh Look Compact SUV Lineup

Well, Mercedes is kind of well-known brand of its product. Now, the comeback with one of their lineup called 2018 Mercedes GLA. GLA is compact SUV on this lineup brand. Even it is the small one it got some refinement to attract anyone. The company got the previous version into the garage and equipped it with something new. What is equipment? Here is some info for you. 2018 Mercedes GLA release date review class first look.

2018 Mercedes GLA Specs, Changes, Performance and Redesign Side View

Good Looking 2018 Mercedes GLA Exterior

As it mentions compact SUV, Mercedes equip it with the great good-looking design. The prominent model is the outside design. This new 2018 Mercedes GLA is nothing to lose about the exterior part, therefore, the company is smooth the exterior but keep showing it sporty. The company redesigns the grille with cross bar design, new LED headlamp, a competence fog light and bumper to complete the new front look. The company also touches up the rear sided with new taillight with LED system and rear bumper too.  The exterior look gets some addition with it new wheel design boost up the exterior design to keep it as fresh one even have middle touch up.

Compact Comfortable GLA Interior

The 2018 GLA Interior may appear fresh on the outside because of little retouch but the inside recall what the cabin feel at the previous ones. The company just takes over some part of the cabin to be refined. The company handles the cabin to remain similar but not obvious because it still gives some touch to show how fresh the inside. The interior of the cabin the company remains same but they add some silver chrome as an accent on it seat adjustment and control. It also gets around the center stack. Inside the cabin, the company removes the 7-inch display with 8-inch touch screen display. The feature of this vehicle is all surrounded view camera, rear view camera, parking assist to another feature. 2018 Mercedes GLA exterior and interior.

Powertrain of 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA

The power train of 2018 Mercedes GLA is quite interesting because the company keeps their previous engine. Yes, the company keeps the engine of this vehicle similar from its predecessor. It is 2.0L 4 cylinders turbocharged engine. This engine can provide at least 208 hp and 258 lb/ft of torque. It will be mated with seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission system with the front will drive, as standard and an all-wheel drive is an option. Mercedes GLA 2018 engine specs.

2018 Mercedes GLA Date Release and Price

The due date of 2018 Mercedes GLA release date is unnoticeable because the company has not given any word for it. The rumor about the date is kind of missing but hopefully, it is not far enough from this year. The price of this 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA is might be a little bit higher than its predecessor did because of some enhancement. 2018 Mercedes GLA release date and price.

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