2018 Prius: Competitive Crossover Redesign Worth to Wait

Well, the crossover is an answer for those people who looking for another vehicle except sedan and SUV. The brand for crossover vehicle is huge and quite competitive too but it is not a reason for the automaker to stop creating their crossover vehicle. 2018 Prius is one of crossover that tries to compete with another brand. The automaker has equipped with fresher design and equipment. Do you want to look at it? Here is the clue for you. 2018 Prius release date redesign changes review.

Toyota Prius 2018 Rumors, Specs, MPG and Concept Rear View

2018 Prius Exterior: Elegance and Sporty

The crossover exterior is somewhat easy to remake into any type of look both elegance and sporty is piece of cake. Now, the automaker has done something toward the exterior of this vehicle. The company redesigns it into modern and sleeker at the single ways. Furthermore, the front look changes in it front fascia come more fold accompany with sleeker and slender headlamp.  It is not stopped at the front; the rear side is restyled with new layout taillight.  It is completed with the arch shape of roofline with longer and wider body than it brother. Moreover, the automaker wants to provide a great performance vehicle with lightweight material.

Comfortable Interior Design

Well, the exterior look will easily to make consumer fall for it but the inside still a question right. Well, the inside of 2018 Prius SUV will take fine material for it whole upholstery. The automaker also provides it with better technology system and safety features. The display for it infotainment will be a TFT display around 4, 2 inches. The features are USB connection, phone connection, Bluetooth, voice acknowledgment. The automaker also gives the safety feature that is in Toyota’s safety and security Feeling P Collection. It includes lane keep assist, automated stopping, automated high beam and pre-collision discovery along with pedestrian acknowledgment. 2018 Prius exterior and interior.

2018 Toyota Prius Engine System Under the Hood

Well, the engine is also somewhat interesting to follow. What rather engine that automaker has chosen for 2018 Prius? Well, this 1,8 L 4 Cylinder gasoline will be accented with the 60kw electric motor. The engine of this 2018 Toyota Prius SUV will pair up with automatic transmission system but the number is still missing; hopefully, the automaker declares the detail soon. The engine will provide adequate power for this vehicle around 134 hp. Prius 2018 engine specs.

2018 Prius Date Release and Price

Well, 2018 Prius new look with fresh design also with the engine and comfortable cabin seem enough to gain some attention. The automaker of this vehicle of course successfully bring their lineup back into track and it still unclear when it going to market. The price of this vehicle is expected around $26,500 into $27,000 for it starting prices. 2018 Prius release date and price.

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