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New 2018 VW Jetta Redesigning for Most Appealing Sedan

It is like never stop playing when about sedan vehicle. Brands are working hard on their way to be most appealing sedan design with their characteristic try to evoke. VW brand vehicle also tries to evoke the newest sedan style on their characteristic brand names. This automaker provides a new flavor of a sedan with their lineup called 2018 VW Jetta. The automaker retouch Jetta predecessor for satisfying consumer hunger on next collection. How far the retouch has been done and how it would be? Below is information you need to figure out automaker works. 2018 VW Jetta release date redesign review spy photos.

2018 VW Jetta Changes, Concept, Performance and Specs Exterior Photo

2018 VW Jetta Dramatically Exterior Redesign for Satisfying Appearance

The change starts from the outside. Before the automaker satisfies it consumer with their driving experience quality and performance, it is started with satisfying the appearances. Apparently, no need dramatically change to impact and gain huge attention. Small retouch also can work as better as the dramatic changes. The automaker is likely to put it simply. They redesign slightly but keep the great look. The automaker uses the MQB modular platform providing lighter body weight. Furthermore, the automaker changes the specs of front bumper and headlight. The front bumper is stayed intact but the rear is completely new one. The headlamp probably will use the newest technology called bi-xenon LED lamp technology.

High Interior Revamp with Premium Material

The taste of predecessor cabin is premium one, therefore, the automaker touches up the cabin with small refinement for 2018 VW Jetta changes. The cabin is similar to its predecessor cabin but the automaker provides some additional point. The automaker adds some additional technology following their updates on this section. Furthermore, the cabin is going to get a soft touch of soft-touch plastic along with high-end leather material on it cabin-providing premium comfortable. The feature inside the cabin is still a mystery but looking at the predecessor probably as similar as it is with improvement on it. 2018 VW Jetta exterior and interior.

2018 Volkswagen Jetta Core and Engine Performances

The engine is the core of performances, therefore, providing the right engine is necessary. The automaker of 2018 VW Jetta is rumored to provide some engine option and one of it is predecessor engine. The first engine is 1,4L turbo charge engine. It can deliver at least 150 hp and 184 lb./ft. of torque is fitted on the base model. While 1,8L turbo charge, provide 170 ho and 184 lb./ft. of torque is the mid-level engine. The last is 2,0L turbocharged engine can deliver 210 hp and 207 lb./ft. of torque. It will be fitted on the high-trim model- GLI Model. The engine is likely to fit with 5-speed manual transmission for the standard and 6 speed coming out as an optional. 2018 Jetta Volkswagen engine specs.

2018 VW Jetta, When and How Much this Car Release?

 The automaker hasn’t given any speech toward it due date but some do expect 2018 VW Jetta release date will launch this end of the year or at least early new year. Hopefully, the automaker can give a clear statement about it. Judging the price is not too hard because with do some refinement the price will likely going up a bit. The price of this 2018 Volkswagen Jetta is likely going from $18,500 into $20,000. 2018 VW Jetta release date and price.

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