2019 BMW 1 Series Offering Greater Drive Train and Wider Wheelbase

The new BMW series is rumored to launch in a following year or two. Still, a kind of hatchback will be introduced. Now, it seems that BMW trying to persevere to its newly found habit. That’s it to make the latest different models just having front powered wheels. Prepare yourself to see the new 2019 BMW 1 Series in the marketplaces soon. However, BMW company won’t be easy to cement the position in hatchbacks market. The competitors such Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen launch the same type. Along with more great drive train and internal space though, BMW surely impress the loyal consumer base. 2019 BMW 1 Series hatchback spy photos overview specs.

2019 BMW 1 Series Changes, Redesign, Performance and Release Date Exterior Photo

Second Makeover Exterior of 2019 BMW 1 Series

At a glimpse, the look for 2019 BMW 1 Series exterior has no many changes. Yet, its wheelbase is sure to be wider. It becomes the most significant upgrade of BMW for the exterior. There will unquestionably be a second makeover for this new model. For sure, it will get some modification on specifying of the exterior. The aggressive nature will be strongly apparent. Other cues for the exterior display low ride height and wide dual exhaust outlets. In addition, the beefy brakes will be available. The headlights will apply a bit sleeker appliances contributing a triangular top. While for the rear, much smaller taillights are applied. For the sides, the car will look significantly longer than the current one.

Significant Updates in Interior Space 

The one series hatchback of BMW will have a major focus on internal spacing. The 2019 BMW 1 Series interior is due to providing a 5-seater hatchback within the product. Conversely, there will be only four people are able to fit in. The luggage compartment even is not that expansive. The contracted of legroom will be justifiable for rear seat passengers. Thanks to the dash that is a bit smoother along the redesigned trim. In addition, there will be two-gauge of instrument cluster served ahead. The steering wheel will be presented with airbag unit having refined buttons on it.

Several novelties features will become the standard items in these cars. For examples are the automatic of climate control and 6.5-inch of the retractable display. The new facility of BMW professional radio will be there. In addition, there is optional qualified navigation system having a greater screen of 8.8 inches. For its luggage department, the similar capacity of 360 L will be employed. 2019 BMW 1 Series exterior makeover and interior.

BMW 1 Series 2019 UKL-Platform Utilization and Engine

The engine seems to utilize the UKL-platform. This kind of platform is the only source in mounting the front wheel drive. The car specifically borrows an engine from Mini and X1 Mini lineups. The car entry level will provide a three-cylinder of a 1.5-lt diesel engine. The turbocharged of three-cylinder plus four-cylinder engines are used in the authoritative variants. These series include the automobiles such 118i and 120i. The 118i produces the power rate about 134 HP with torque162 lb.-ft. The second of 120i will disintegrate the power of 181 HP and 200 lb.-ft. 2019 BMW 1 Series engine.

2019 BMW 1 Series Arrival and Price

This 2019 BMW 1 Series is still in process of testing. Therefore, it is fine to state that the arrival is at the end of 2018. It would be delayed also up to the beginning of 2019. The price for the base 2019 model should be lower than $40,000. This rate will be sure to increase up to $60,000 for more forceful models. 2019 BMW 1 Series arrival and price.

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