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2019 BMW 3 Series Generating A Worth Waiting Luxury Sedan

Vehicle brand of course has it won a trick to win market share. Some vehicle brand with already famous sedan brand does not need a lot of work except producing the right composite of the vehicle. It is likely what happens toward BMW. This company always a success on stealing some attention of market share with its product. It is going to be worth waiting for one with it new comeback called 2019 BMW 3 Series. Let us see what company has got for this vehicle. 2019 BMW 3 Series spy photos release date specs changes.

2019 BMW 3 Series Revealed, Sedan, Redesign and Review Side Photo

2019 BMW 3 Series Exterior Design

The new BMW 3 Series is coming out with full camouflage on its body. Whatever company has done, likely they want to give the fans of the 2019 BMW 3 Series some nice hook with this vehicle. Even it is covered up with camouflage, some refinements over it body are captured well in some part. Here we try to reveal one by one. First, this sedan from BMW likely gets a new spec of headlight design. It is also getting some refinement on its housing and beam part with the square shaped part inside the housing. Whatever it is some expect to see this vehicle look like the 5 series design. The rear end also put some camouflage but it notable some refinement. The taillight is refined with typical Bimmer trapezoidal shape. The taillight is derived into two which is the upper will be clear and below is redone.

2019 BMW 3 Series Interior

It is one of 2019 BMW 3 Series that provides a good score on it interior aspect both inconvenient and feature. The interior design is comfortable as all BMW series. BMW 3 Series cabin is likely finding some refinement. The infotainment screen of it is located nearly down center ones where the predecessor is on the top of the dash. The slim air vent is placed in below the center console in a slim design. Furthermore, the three-spoke steering wheel is changed into a digital instrument. 2019 BMW 3 Series exterior and interior.

BMW 3 Series 2019 Engine Specs

There is some BMW engine option and rumor about it. The engine of the new BMW 3 Series will be so much pleasure to drive with it. The first engine that comes as basic or the lowest one is 1.5L 3cylinder. This engine can provide at least 135 hp and 165 lb./ft. of torque. Some do expect to see turbocharge 3.0L 6 cylinder and 2.0L 4 Cylinders on this vehicle. Furthermore, the company will fit it with RWD as standard while BMW’s xDrive AWD system comes with an option in several trim levels. The transmission system of this vehicle is 8-speed automatic as an option. 2019 3 Series BMW engine specs.

2019 BMW 3 Series Date Release and Price

The price for 2019 BMW 3 Series is started around $34,000 for basic trim with turbocharges 2,0L 4-cylinder engine and RWD system. While the mid-size of vehicle trim, level will be price, $45,000 while the up trimmest level will take $66,000. 2019 BMW 3 Series release date and price.

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