2019 Mercedes G Class – Wild Off-Road Car Escapes From Its Cage

2019 Mercedes G Class is a best off-road car that provides dynamic select to its engine, transmission, suspension, steering, and assistance systems to the task at hand. It has been spied by some people that this new model surely ran wild in off-road area. Not only that, this class will use the concept of Eco that soften the powertrain responses for maximum fuel economy. The changes inside the interior will give better comfort for the driver or passengers.  While it is a sporty model of a car, it alters the shift points, throttle response electric power steering, and the exhaust tone so that the drivers can configure the setting as they desired.

2019 Mercedes G Class Redesign, Changes, Performance and Features Front Photo

Bigger and Modernized Exterior of 2019 Mercedes G Class

The exterior of 2019 Mercedes G Class gets bigger in size and is modernized. More vintage style is seen when the car joined Detroit Auto Show. The round LED headlights and upright lines of the new model seems more classical but superior. The body is made of metal and the doors are made of aluminum. This is to enhance more strength when the car is in action. Moreover, some of other parts are still the same as the previous model.

2019 Mercedes-Benz G Class: More Space More Comfort

For the interior of 2019 Mercedes G Class, there will be some changes to improve its capability to synchronize more to the driver. The room will get wider inside. There is more shoulder room in front and more available room in the rear seats. The remarkable increase of 6 inches will surely give more comfort to the driver or passenger. The high-tech dash display is available inside the car with latest infotainment features or another design will give longer digital dash screen and virtual instrument cluster. Even though the car will give more attention to its functional aspect, the luxury aspect of this car is still there. Fortunately, this car will use the same door style and lock sound when the doors open or close.

2019 Mercedes G Class: G550 for Greater Performance

While for the engine specs, 2019 Mercedes G Class will use G550 twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter V-8. The 4.0 liter will produce a power that reaches 416 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque at 2000 rpm. By the reducing of the new car’s mass, it expected that the car will improve slightly in its performance. The fitment of this new G-Class Benz will use 9-speed automatic transmission. The torque converter and the software of transmission are also modified to enhance its performance. The new gearbox is likely to contribute reduced fuel consumption. The low range provides 1 2.93:1 gear reduction and it is a significant increase over the previous version at 2.10:1 ratio. This way can increase the speed up to 43 mph only if the transmission is neutral.

2019 Mercedes G Class Expected Release Date and Price

Redesigning Mercedes G Class 2019 will take a lot of time until it reaches its best condition to maximize people’s taste. However, with a lot of efforts that have been done up to now, it is expected to be released in the late 2018 or early in 2019. For the price, as we know that the trademark ‘Mercedes’ is the world’s popular, this amazing car is expected to have high cost about $125,000.

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