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2019 Toyota Corolla with New Styling and New TNGA Platform

It is true if the Toyota Corolla model is regarded as the favorite car in the world. It is because this vehicle is wholesaled over 44 million units up now. In addition, it bears the “best-selling vehicle in the world” label. Therefore, that makes it as the most yearned for around the world. It is a compact transportation scheme providing more necessity than desire. The new generation will have big updates though. The previous is the eleventh generation. It has been available since 2013. The upcoming 2019 Toyota Corolla then resides the top of the most desired compact table in America. 2019 Toyota Corolla spy photos sedan model redesign.

2019 Toyota Corolla Changes, Release Date, Powertrain and Overview Exterior Photo

2019 Toyota Corolla New Styling Hints

The exterior styling of the 2019 Toyota Corolla Sedan is actually the same on those previous models. The materials used seem to be standard. The front and backlights utilize the decoy units. Thus, nothing changes are visible on its outside appearance. The previous version, the 2016 model seems lost its unsharpened facial expression. In the front part, the car gets a much lower on the front end than the previous one. It results in a more aggressive appearance. In addition, there will be slimmer grille along with bigger lower intake. Within this look, the car should be more competitive in its class. Its headlights are getting the greatest change overall. The new Corolla seems to boast more massive headlights. The look is closer to Prius design that offers a 3D-like design. However, the roof seems lowered having a small curve within. Thus, it is expected to be a hot-looking version vehicle.

2019 Toyota Corolla, Less inside Upgrades

The interior space of the new Corolla will be more spacious. The back of the car offers 41.4 inches of legroom. It provides a modern-looking dashboard after 5 years release. This new 2019 Corolla is expected to be the successful end of its precursor. The car is estimated to offer a more minimalist dashboard having smaller instrument cluster on the cowl. In addition, there will be a lowered driving position. It contributes a better view of the driver as well as maintains the low roofline. However, the cabin feels more affordable due to the inconvenient materials. The quality of the features in it can be said as far from special. The infotainment lacks Apple Car-Play or Android Auto. 2019 Toyota Corolla interior and exterior.

Toyota Corolla 2019 Plenty Highlights of Underneath

Of course, there will be many to say from its powertrain of 2019 Toyota Corolla engine. Yet, it is important to say that it has the new TNGA platform. It should be the first time for Corolla actually produces a smile on its driver’s face. In addition, it is at least a glimmer feature in his eyes. A top modular chassis offers unibody and more rigid design. On top of that, this kind of feature is good to place in front and rear. As well, it can be configured all-wheel-drive setups. Thus, it makes the car quite impressive. The car receives numerous changes to its powertrain front. A contemporary combo of 1.8-it is naturally aspirated by L4. It rates at 132 horsepower.

In addition, it is matched with CVT automatic. Therefore, a good amount of powertrain cannot be really produced. The engine can run taking 9.5 secs to 60 mph. This kind of engine is also outlying style from frugal with 31 mpg. This number has been combined with fuel efficiency. This new generation Corolla should carry new engines on it. Some expect to see a borrowed engine from BMW and turbocharged. Besides, there will be a serious chance of the hybrid model. That is to still use CVT model or replace it with another conventional automatic. 2019 Toyota Corolla engine specs.

2019 Toyota Corolla Price and Release Date

It is still an estimation that this 2019 Toyota Corolla will range from $18,000 – $23,000. The number is based on the previous rate of the current model. However, the release date should be closer to the end of next year. 2019 Toyota Corolla price and release date.

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