2019 Volvo V40 – Evolved Version of Best Safety Featured Car

2019 Volvo V40 is the smallest car in Volvo’s range. This model uses Ford Focus as its platform. As a result, this kind of car is relatively lively to drive. One best highlight that becomes this model’s characteristic is its first-rate safety features. This car features a pop-up bonnet that includes an airbag and active braking works in order to prevent low speed accidents. Volvo V40 is a worthy alternative to good market family hatchback models. The hatchback itself is actually one of Volvo’s biggest sellers since it has great versatility. In addition, its five-door compact executive hatchback can compete its rival models such as Audi A3 Sportback, Mercedes A-Class, Volkswagen Golf, BMW 1 Series, Lexus CT 200h and Infiniti Q30.

2019 Volvo V40 Powertrain, Features, Rumors and Changes Side Photo

2019 Volvo V40 Thor’s Hammer LED

The exterior of 2019 Volvo V40 has no much addition for its characteristics. The most recognized thing from this car exterior is the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ LED. This light runs through daytime clearly. The change in the car’s grille can also be seen. It becomes more robust than before. Volvo uses R-Design model for more appealing look and to make it sportier. This model is also expected to be like a shrunken XC90.

2019 Volvo V40 First-rate Safety Kit

When it comes to the interior, 2019 V40 has some changes. First of all, the first-rate safety kit is available to help the driver or passengers whenever something bad happens. There are seven airbags and plenty of empowerment to keep its security. The car’s cabin is quite roomy to take on five people. The new model has a cool stereo system and comfortable seats which gives pleasure for long journeys, even more bearable. The infotainment system is ready to release the boredom while waiting in traffic jam. The R-Design gives sporty suspension and also bigger wheels. If both together are combined, it will deliver a stiffer ride. In addition, there are many soft-touch materials and classy metal trim. There are lots of buttons on the dash with tricky functions. The display is arranged in portrait-style and the screen is quite small. The ‘Nav’ versions of trim lines are available along with hard drive music storage, mapping, TMC traffic message channel and lifetime annual map updates.

Flexible Engine Performance of Volvo V40 2019

Regarding the engine specs, 2019 Volvo V40 uses efficient D4 diesel packs. The model V40 uses lots of bespoke Volvo engineering to make sure its safety. The new model is relatively agile and accurate with pretty sharp steering and tight body control. The diesels use 2.0-litres with 118bhp, 148bhp, or 187bhp. This car can use T2 and T3 petrol models if using 6-speed manual gearbox. With 1.5-liter engine, the T2 will produce 120bhp while the T3 will produce 150bhp. This Volvo will use the latest D2, D3, or D4 engine. Using D2 will give smoother speed. Using D3 will give best spread of torque. Using D4 gives more economical fuel along with optional 8-speed automatic gearbox.

2019 Volvo V40 Speculation of Release Date and Price

Knowing that this 2019 Volvo V40 will have such big modification mainly on its engine, the release date will probably arrive later in 2018. Regarding the price, it will be quite pricey because it is likely to cost from about $27,000.

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