2019 VW Arteon: Crossover Car Crosses over the World’s Screen

2019 VW Arteon is a standout sedan car on German autobahn. This car was debuted at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show with its Sport Coupe Concept GTE Volkswagen. This model embraces four-door coupe body style with raked roofline and long hood. It will also offer powerful engine to support those looks. Crossover cars nowadays have become popular and doing so will surely give lots of enthusiasms from customers. Volkswagen is always known for having such favorable European driving dynamics and functional interiors. Arteon separates the front interior along with its lauded exterior design which is unchanged from the past years’ concept. Volkswagen moves decidedly upscale while Arteon strikes visually with better performance.

2019 VW Arteon Replacement, Design, Powertrain and First Look Side Photo

2019 VW Arteon Elegant and Sporty Exterior

VW Arteon 2019 will show up with elegant and sporty exterior design. The Arteon R-Line will provide a more aggressive look with cool steering wheel and bumpers. An elegance trim is going to focus on luxury and offer more pieces of chrome exterior trim. A standard headlamps and taillights will have an improvement. Automatic system will adapt the headlamps to predict upcoming curves and adjust direction accordingly. There will also be changes on its lower body which will have a continuous chrome strip and on its heated windshield wiper nozzles.

2019 VW Arteon Totally Awesome Interior

2019 VW Arteon comes up with more beneficial interior equipments. Inside the car, we can use many facilities such as automatic climate control, power-adjustable seats, an eight-speaker infotainment system with USB input, and leather steering wheel with paddle shifters. This model will have longer wheelbase than the similar size of Passat yet have slightly less length due to short front and rear overhangs. This way the car is turned into a roomy car with wide front seat and good rear legroom. This VW Arteon will also feature safety features to ensure the security of the car and for the driver. There will be an updated adaptive cruise control system that will adjust automatically the cruising speed based on posted speed limits. The new Emergency Assist system will slow down the car and steer on the shoulder if possible should the driver become incapacitated. In addition, upgrades will also done including a head-up display and all-new infotainment system with a 9.2-inch touchscreen interface and gesture control.

2019 Volkswagen Arteon Engine Power Choices

Regarding the engine specs, 2019 Arteon will have number of choices for its engine. A turbocharged 2.0-liter will produce a 188 horsepower. This engine powers up the front wheels through a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. This is a familiar offer to American customers. A more powerful 276 horsepower might be reached using turbocharged four-cylinder with 7-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system. This is a typical offer in Europe. With the Euro-spec model, it may give curb weight of 3,700 pounds and goes from 0 to 62 mph in 5.6 seconds. Besides that, an Elegance model with 7-speed DSG and 4Motion AWD will give smoother and quicker journey through city streets, country roads, and the no-speed-limit portions roads in Germany.

2019 VW Arteon Competitive Price on Next Summer

Talking about the price, this 2019 VW Arteon is predicted with a cost around $38,000. This is a competitive amount with the other sedans. While for the release date, 2019 Volkswagen Arteon will be available on next summer in 2018.

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