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Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018: Luxurious Wagon Review of Design and Engine

The beautiful and luxurious four-door sedan is coming up for the next motor market. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018 is going to have a strong details redesign concept. It is still a remaining mystery about it. The redesign may lie down in the exterior or even inside the cabin. However, it is sure that the upcoming car will have great engine specs under the hood. It is made for a well driving for both driver and passengers anyway. Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018 rumors concept specs price.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Changes, Redesign, Performance and Review Rear Picture

New Luxurious Exterior Concept

Apparently, this Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018 comes with similar looks as if BMW 3-series, the new sedan is sure will keep it pretty and luxurious exterior design. Though it is not right to say it a full sedan car, it is more suitable to be called as a sports wagon that shares the same pillar design as sedan model. We can see the between the C-Pillar and rear door glass that has renewed from its original quarter window design. The front portion also will have QV Version, which allows making larger air intakes. The other redesign concepts also come from its front vents, splitter, and larger roof spoiler.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018 Pleasant Interior Redesign

The interior design of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018 seems to be very pleasant for everyone who drives it. Suitable and enjoyable seats with high premium calfskin are offered inside. The same thing goes on the nice colored dashboard. It is very neat and clean for perfect basic control over the whole car. Then, the 7-inch screen or the 3.5 inches standard screen is able for more valuable driving access information. The interior designs of the new vehicle are also will give some premium features from Mercedes and BMW. It is also large enough for a sedan-like vehicle to move freely. Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018 exterior and interior.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Two Option Engine Specs

If we talk about the engine, the 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulietta review will surely have two options for the drivetrain. The first option that you can choose is diesel engine options, which also have two tastes. The first taste is with 280-pound feet torque as the base version produce 148 hp. Then, next is 331-pound feet torque, produce 177 hp. The second option will be a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine and be able to give 197 hp and 243-pound feet of torque. Therefore, those optional engine power is not bad at all, isn’t? With that strong given engine, you can drive as you like in many conditions for more enjoyable driving experience. 2018 Giulietta engine specs.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018 Release Date and Price

There is still unknown information about the release date of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018. However, the price might be starting from $40.000 and it can be less or more depend on the features. Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018 release date and price.

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