Audi A3 2019 – New Refreshed Car for Fresher Passions

Audi plans to release another successor through its “A” model. This time Audi will give new refresh for the A3 group. The new Audi A3 2019 is expected to use MQB platform to give more significant advances so that the car will become more adorable in design and so for the performance. Some updates can be seen through the car’s new exterior and interior. In addition, this new model is going to use TSFI as its basic engine.

Audi A3 2019 Features, Redesign, Changes and Performance Exterior Photo

Audi A3 2019 Four-ring Symbol in Front and Back

The exterior design of Audi A3 2019 will give us something great. First of all, if we look at the front side, we can recognize the four-ring symbol as Audi’s pride. New customization can be seen to its lower grille. It is larger than the previous model with sharper style to gain more sporty feeling. The headlights also become sportier with zigzag model on its bottom side. The vents will get narrower with horizontal splitter. The new reworked air dam can be recognized too with the color of Ara Blue. The three-door car will also get some restyling to some parts in the back side. The same four-ring symbol representing Audi can be seen in the middle of the rear bumper. The taillights will be sportier than before and the LED technology will also get some improvements. It seems like the new model will use lighter materials to give more speed balance while driving.

Audi A3 2019 Soft and Plush Materials

Going inside the interior of Audi A3 2019, we can find updated features that may give us a surprise but still it has the characteristic of Audi. The same cabin will stay inside but some of the features are new. The seats are very comfortable with quite wide legroom. The interior is full of soft and plush materials with cool construction. There will be enough space for cargo in the rear, making this car flexible to bring tools and equipments while journeying. This model will get a virtual cockpit and digital instrument cluster. There is also an updated display between the two analog gauges, namely the TFT display in larger size. This new model will have better infotainment system with 12.3-inch diagonal screen added with useful systems like navigation and mapping, lists for telephone, radio, audio system, and also some safety features to improve the car’s security.

2019 Audi A3 TSFI with Choices

Considering the engine use for the new Audi A3 2019, there are some optional engines that fit best for this car. First is a 1.0-liter TFSI inline-3 cylinder engine. This engine can produce 115 horsepower and 147.5 pound-feet of torque. The second is a 1.4-liter TFSI COD 4-cylinder engine. This engine can produce 150 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. The last is a 2.0-liter TFSI 4-cylinder engine. This engine can produce 190 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque. The engine will get best support from 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Audi A3 2019 Expectation of Release Date and Price

Talking about when this Audi A3 2019 will release, there is not yet specific information coming from the automakers. However, many rumors say that this car may arrive soon anytime in 2018. For pricing, this new model may give quite affordable cost starting from $32,000 until $50,000.

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