Ford Ranger 2018: New Truck Generation with Great Refinement

Well, the truck vehicle is somewhat rare to use as a daily vehicle but the new Ford provides differently. This automaker creates a truck vehicle with some good aspect to trust at it. Now, it has come back with some refinement. Yep, the truck called Ford Ranger 2018 is back for the upcoming collection. Does the automaker revamp it? Yes of course but do not expect something dramatically changes. Do you want to look at their revamp ways? Here is our information collection we have gathered for you. Ford Ranger 2018 specs diesel release date review.

Ford Ranger 2018 Pickup, Truck, Concept and Performance Front Photo

Ford Ranger 2018 Dramatic Exterior Redesign

As it mentions previously no dramatic changes, minor change still exists. The automaker put slight change toward this section. First, the body shape structure is remaining similar from its predecessor but maybe the automaker has changed to make it bit new-fashioned design. Furthermore, for the standard trim the headlamp, grille design, and the bumper are unchanged while for the premium it gets different treatment of course. The design of new headlamp and grille is similar to F-150 design. Even, it gets small revamp this vehicle does look great with the design and revamp has been done.

Close Interior: High technology and Comfortable Cabin

The small revamp is also treated on Ford Ranger 2018 specs and cabin. The automaker likely to unchanged or redesign it cabin to what is close look from it predecessor’s cabin design. Well, it hopes that material for the cabin is improved for advanced convenience. The automaker decides to use cloth or vinyl for it seat coverage in lower trim. A leather-lined material is seat upholstery for the high-end trim level. The automaker provides the cabin with some awesome feature like Navigation, Bluetooth connection, satellite radio, hands-free phone operation, 360-degree camera system, voice control, and much more. The safety feature is available but the detail in unconfirmed yet. The automaker also gives a console mounted gear shifter and 4WD switch. Ford Ranger 2018 exterior and interior.

Ford Ranger Engine 2018 Options for Great Performance

The engine of the truck is one that can deliver and satisfy it consumer want. The important is the engine can derive great performance for the new Ford Ranger vehicle. Therefore the company likely to put some option engine. The engine is 3, 2 L inline 5-turbo diesel. This engine can provide 185 hp and 350 lb. /ft. of torque. It will be fitted with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission system with capabilities both RWD and 4WD switching. The 2018 Ford Ranger diesel used will enhance the power of this car. 2018 Ranger Ford engine specs.

Ford Ranger 2018 Date Release and Price

The Ford Ranger 2018 is likely to sell out soon but the exact due date is not announced yet. Some predict this vehicle will sell on at least in the year 2018. The price when this vehicle on market is around $21,000 for it starting price. Ford Ranger 2018 release date and price.

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