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Land Rover Defender 2018: Best SUV Redesign with Super Comfort Interior

Land Rover is one of the great cars in the world. There are many countries import this car. There is a new family in Land Rover that is Defender. Design of this car is good looking and sporty. Design of the Land Rover Defender 2018 is off-roader car. Beside it, the design of this car is classic. Exterior design, interior design, and engine of this car are very different from the other Land Rover. The New design of this car makes many people interested. Land Rover Defender 2018 release date concept specs rumors.

Land Rover Defender 2018 Performance, Redesign, Changes and Review Front Picture

Fantastic Exterior Design with Boxy 4 x 4

Design of the Land Rover Defender 2018 USA is sporty. It is designed with iconic style. It is very different from the last model of the land rover. It will look modern and affordable. A new style of boxy 4 x 4 makes this car looks affordable and chic. The body of this new car is made of aluminum. Meanwhile, the framework and chassis are made of steel. The steel used is durable and strong. The heavy of this car is among 2 tons. The front, the headlights are designed with large round shape and slim grille. There are no front air intact openings. The back, it will saw a space tire compartment. It will collaborate with side-opening gate. There are two rounded headlights in a vertical design.

Land Rover Defender 2018 Awesome Interior Style

The Land Rover Defender 2018 interior is designed with new technology and feature. It will also bring the reviews infotainment and safety technology and features. The interior is designed with colorful, modern, and minimalist style. The cabin of this car is spacious, comfortable, and attractive. With the comfortable cabin, all people will feel relax when driving long journey. Enough cargo is available to base on your need. The new version of this car might feature Terrain Response system. Land Rover Defender 2018 exterior and interior.

Land Rover Defender 2018 Strong Engine for Any Situation Road

The engine used in this car is V8. The capacity of the engine is 5.0 liters. Meanwhile, this car is also available with a V6 engine with 3.0-liter capacity. It produces 380-horse power. The engine of the Jaguar XE might be implemented in the land rover defender with fuel consumption friendly engines. The engine is 2.0 liter and 2.4 liters in-line four cylinder engines. With this special engine system, this nice looking sports car will perform powerfully. It is very great to drive on the highway with its luxury. 2018 Defender engine specs.

Pricing and Release Date of Land Rover Defender 2018

Are you interest to buy the Land Rover Defender 2018? The price of this car starts from $55.000. The Defender is expected to arrive in the last 2017 and it sold as a 2018-year model. The upcoming Land Rover Defender will be the best strong SUVs with powerful engines, reliability, and agility. Land Rover Defender 2018 release date and price.

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