Mercedes SL 2019 – Best Expectation for Finest Sport Car Revealed

2019 Mercedes-Benz SL-class, a well-known car with its code name R233, is the latest concept supercar that is planned by one of the forerunners in car industries of Mercedes-Benz. This model is expected to be more dynamic than its predecessor model R231 since the R233 will be built by the AMG, one of the subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz which is known for producing the model with aggressive looks, a higher level of performance, better handling, better stability and more extensive use of carbon fibre in contrast with the normal Benz model. The new Mercedes SL 2019 will have different proposition from its previous predecessor because it will be built based on the AMG GT as the platform.

Mercedes SL 2019 Rumors, Redesign, Changes and Powertrain Front Photo

Mercedes SL 2019 Totally New Exterior Design

The new Mercedes SL 2019 will come with a new whole design. The first significant things that appear in this model are the new roof design. The new platform is based on the lightweight principle and it is very flexible allowing more modifications on the length, width and wheelbase. For this design, the Company went back to tradition and installed a noble fabric roof. This solution is expected to reduce the weight by 100 kg to a minimum of 1,685 kg. To optimize the cost structure, Mercedes planned to use new kind of platform that is ideal for sporty type of car called Modular Sports Architecture. This platform will try to use much lighter materials to build and mount the engine much closer to the lower center of gravity. The new SL-class model will probably receive a revised front end, front grid treatment and larger side vents behind the front wheels. The LED in front headlights from the model will have an integrated daytime running lights and turn signals, while the LED in the taillights will get single red colour or red and amber lenses.

2019 Mercedes SL: 2 + 2 Cabin

Regarding the new look of Mercedes SL 2019 interior, it will have quite similar condition as the previous model. However, it is expected to change into a 2+2 cabin after adopting Modular Sports Architecture as the new platform and it will allow the carmaker to make a model with a bit more space.  After adopting a new roof design, it is possible for the new SL Class to employ its new cabin configuration, but also makes the new model much lighter which become the very characteristic of sport car.

Mercedes SL 2019 Biturbo V8 Engine

The new Mercedes SL 2019 will adopt the biturbo V8 from AMG GT as its engine. It means that the top SL uses a 5.5-liter biturbo V8 and it is good to produce 585 horsepower. The new engine will combine a conventional turbo with an electrically driven compressor and a 48V electrical system with an Integrated Starter-Alternator (ISG) for hybrid functions such as boosting, recovering, coasting and shifting of the load point.

The Release Date and Price of Mercedes SL 2019

There is still no exact date on when the new model of Mercedes SL 2019 will be released. In the present time the, model is still under testing in the AMG main facilities in Germany. With few more minor adjustment to undergone, the model will be expected to release on the earlier part of 2019. The price itself is not yet to be determined. However, it may cost a no joke numbers starting from $100,000 to $200,000.

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